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Sinn Fein's Euro friends leave a lot to be desired

I READ with some amusement the comments of Dale Moore, a regular contributor to your letters page, regarding Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament (Write Back, May 6).

Of course, by now, we expect little better than scaremongering and a distortion of the truth from Sinn Fein in relation to Europe. As isolated as Sinn Fein are on the very fringes of European politics, perhaps they'd be best advised to modernise their policies by first examining their own sister parties.

Recently within the European United Left/Nordic Green Left we have heard pro-Putin sentiments from Sinn Fein's comrades in the Czech Republic and Sinn Fein's Spanish companeros praising the mass execution of Catholic priests and nuns during the Spanish Civil War as "heroic".

Is this the type of politics that Sinn Fein wish to be associated with? A rigid cult of personality, based on the leader, apologists for atrocities and war crimes and an aggressive, exclusionary nationalism which ignores the will of local people? Ah, I see.


Brussels, Belgium

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