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Sinn Fein's 'night of remembrance' disgusting event

The recent event organised by Sinn Fein in the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, in honour of Jim Monaghan (one of the infamous Colombia Three) - "a night of celebration and remembrance" - was disgusting and is the work of those who are deluded in terms of the devastation brought as a consequence of IRA/Farc terrorism.

A night to celebrate what exactly?

A man who is "on the run", along with others, for crimes that he and others are believed to have committed in Colombia, which would have had the impact of enabling Farc fanatics to wage terror on the Colombian people.

Most law-abiding citizens will be aghast at this, but Sinn Fein have some form for these events.

When John Downey's trial for the Hyde Park bombing - a callous and brutal terror attack - was stopped, Sinn Fein organised a welcome party for him in Donegal.

The reality people should understand is that, whatever peace and reconciliation rhetoric trotted out by Sinn Fein, the reality is they remain in denial as to the activities of the IRA at home and also abroad.

The IRA have been - and continue to be - a menace to the world.

The republican movement must desist from its campaigns of terror and violence, whether at home or abroad and they must accept that there is not and was not ever legitimacy for terrorism.


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