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Sinn Fein's only concern is to protect Adams

THERE may be insufficient evidence to prosecute Gerry Adams for involvement in the abduction, torture, murder and disappearance of Jean McConville.

But surely the leader of the republican movement knows who ordered and carried out the crime – even if the IRA denied it for almost 30 years?

Surely he would know, or at least want to know (if not demand to know), who the sociopath in the ranks of the IRA was?

Were there no questions asked? Was anyone held to account for what really was a war crime, as Jean's son Michael has said?

The absence of such investigation really points us all to the fact that Sinn Fein acknowledges that it was their doing, with a strong possibility that they believe that Gerry Adams was involved.

They really couldn't care less about the McConvilles. Their only priority is to ensure Sinn Fein and Gerry Adams are protected.

Any observer of republicanism will know that it wouldn't matter to republicans that Jean McConville was innocent – even under their "rules". It would believe that she deserved to die, or that it didn't matter that she died, due to republican paranoia in that area at that time about Protestants, even Catholic converts.

In refusing to accept they carried out this war crime for nearly 30 years, the IRA acknowledged contempt for their victims.

They also revealed that they show no mercy and cannot legitimately expect any in return.



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