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Sinn Fein's recent converts should be hoping that they will never get what they have been voting for

letter of the day: The only election issue

Now that the election is over, we can look at what was the biggest issue.

What issues took the most attention? Is Michelle a blonde? Does Jim Wells welcome all-comers to Rathfriland?

We had the usual irrelevant (to this election) Stormont issues and promises to change things we have no control over. The real issue is: will the sectarian headcount lead to a united Ireland? It is the elephant in the room that is not debated beyond a nod up the road.

Other issues get the usual lip-service, but make no mistake: this election was a fight for the existence of Northern Ireland. The problem is no one actually asks the questions about just what a majority republican/nationalist vote will mean. The Republic must be shaking in its shoes at the prospect of the noisy neighbours actually moving in.

Where will they find an extra £10 billion a year? They already owe the UK billions from their 2008 bail-out. Maybe their EU friends will stump up the cash.

What will happen to Northern Ireland's new nationalist middle class when no longer can the majority of jobs be provided in the public sector? Get ready to pay for GP visits and any drugs you require? No more sun cream on the script?

The Republic must be open-armed about welcoming the UK area with the largest number of recipients of disability benefit. But I suppose there will always be our "community workers" to fight our case if things don't work out. Will fuel-smugglers have to get a job?

So, to all the reborn Sinn Fein supporters: be careful you don't get what you voted for.

raymond hughes

By email

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