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Sinn Fein's talk of equality, integrity and respect rings hollow in light of McConville family's grief

Letter of the day: stalemate at stormont

Last week was dominated by the Stormont talks and the many Press briefings given by party talks teams.

Most striking was the constant reiteration by Sinn Fein that it will not enter government until its demand for equality, integrity and respect is met.

However, there was another profound story, which was the dying appeal by Billy McConville for the Assembly to get back to work.

Billy is the son of Jean McConville and is now dying of cancer. His mother was abducted, tortured, executed and buried by the Belfast brigade of the IRA.

During her abduction, her helpless children were threatened and afterwards split up and taken into care.

One fact is certain: it was the armed wing of Sinn Fein who caused grievous harm to the McConville family; they were responsible for the brutal murder of their mother and for all that subsequently befell the children.

We have seen Sinn Fein members stand in Stormont to talk of equality, integrity and respect - yet former IRA members know exactly who killed Jean McConville and who destroyed her family.

It is time that the media took Sinn Fein to task over its abuse of human rights and total lack of respect, equality and integrity which they showed to their myriad victims, including Billy McConville and the family of Paul Quinn.

Arlene Foster may be arrogant and her party dinosaurs; however, unlike some in Sinn Fein, they are not unrepentant terrorists - nor do they harbour murderers and child abusers within their ranks.


Derriaghy, Co Antrim

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