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Sinn Féin has given up on Irish freedom

It is not only Trevor Ringland, but also Sinn Fein, that Malachy Scott (Write Back, June 23) should be reproaching (if Trevor Ringland should be reproached at all) on the matter of Malachy Scott's lost freedom and the lost freedom of the Irish people for whom Malachy Scott speaks.

Sinn Fein is a party that now refuses to take back from Brussels freedom for the Irish people, and for Malachy Scott, and insults the Irish people by further endorsing their loss of freedom to Brussels.

All this despite the insult recently delivered by the European Parliament to Sinn Fein's sole MEP from the other Ireland, Northern Ireland. The MEPs took themselves off and left her to speak to an empty house, apart from the cleaners and, presumably, the Speaker, or equivalent in the European Parliament.

But, that said, lest I should misunderstand, it's a loss that I am happy to live with, should it be that there is no other alternative - given what those given to mouthing Irish freedom have sometimes got up to in the past.

WA Miller


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