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Sky storm: Andy Gray is victim of the out of control PC brigade

Oh, dear. Andy Gray and Richard Keys are caught commenting off-air, making silly, schoolboy-type 'man banter' comments about women in football. (News, January 25).

Shock, horror. The same type of thing goes out regularly on Top Gear and Loose Women with barely a mention. What happens? The PC brigade go daft, women everywhere jump onto the bandwagon to scream about how 'offended' they are and a witch-hunt is launched to round up more offenders.

There are sackings (and talk of sackings), with the 'dirt' being dug up on the culprits in the red tops. Judging by the overall reaction, it appears that the floodgates are now wide open on snitching on work colleagues we dislike because of what we heard them say and for people who see the £ signs to crawl out of the woodwork to be 'offended'.

Whatever happened to free speech? Welcome to 2011 - or, rather, 1984 - where the walls have ears and Big Brother is watching your every move. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, another brave boy-soldier is blown to bits in Afghanistan; sent to his unnecessary death.

Just another coffin arriving home, just another 'expendable' casualty of a 'just' war. Very, very sad. We've got our priorities right, then, have we? Yeah, right.




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