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Sky's fight night lacked any punch

Congratulations to Sky Box Office for selling a dud to hundreds of millions around the world. No, it was not entirely your fault - you probably believed it really was going to be a fight between two boxers.

Instead, what we got was two has-beens living on reputations of five or six years ago.

To add insult to injury we endured a Laurel-and-Hardy undercard, with mismatched opponents of a shocking degree.

Add to that the four hours of continuous waffle by so-called boxing pundits, who went round and round the same track.

Then, for the real value for money, came the three anthems. The one for Mexico was bad enough, I thought it was never going to stop. But the most terrible of all was having to listen and look at Jamie Foxx while he screeched the American anthem.

Remember, most bookies refund bets when your horse does not run. If they don't, punters usually go elsewhere for value.


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