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Slow decline of the Presbyterian Church

Has anyone noticed how the Presbyterian Church has changed in the last 50 years? Is it a vocation for a humble pastor? Or just a well-paid profession?

Twenty-five to 50 years ago, there were more people in the pews than we have today - even with the evangelical approach.

Twenty-five to 50 years ago, as one retired minister said to me, ministers "were all door-knockers". They all served with a pastoral approach to the sick, the elderly, congregations and their community alike.

In our own church, we had fine examples for the last 50 years, all loved and respected by young and old, and also respected at higher levels in the Presbyterian Church for their clear understanding of all topics. Real wise men in our time.

Today the ministers like to think that the elders are the people to do the pastoral visiting, while they can work at their projects without being disturbed.

The elders are genuine, honest people who care for their church. They often are asked to lead in the minister's new projects.

These people work tirelessly at work, at home and through all the church and community pursuits to improve the lives of the young and old in this economically shattered world.

Some ministers only have time for their own projects, instead of mingling with the life-blood of the Church

The Presbyterian Church is losing members every day. How many before they take notice?


Co Down

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