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Slow PSNI response sends out wrong message

It was with dismay that I learned of the ordeal undergone by my niece Karen Logue, her partner Kieran and their five-year-old child Daniel when gunmen mistakenly burst into their home last Wednesday night.

I was, however, even more dismayed by the actions, or to be strictly accurate the lack of action, by the officers of the PSNI.

It is unbelievable that it should take almost 12 hours to respond to such an incident - especially one involving a five-year-old child.

While one can readily understand the justifiable concern for the safety of police officers, it was somewhat disconcerting to realise that the Chief Constable and his service either do not have a clear strategy for dealing with this type of incident or, if there is a strategy, it is sorely wanting.

The wrong message is being sent out - namely that when it comes to incidents involving firearms the police are willing to designate the area where the incidents occur as no go areas and will not send their officers to them.

One can only contrast their actions with those of the unarmed Cumbrian police who immediately rushed from their unfortified police station in Whitehaven on becoming aware of the mass shootings taking place.

The Chief Constable needs to take immediate action, otherwise we can only surmise that if gunmen were to act in a similar manner today they could do so with impunity, safe in the knowledge that the police force would not be rushing to apprehend them.


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


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