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Smiles at Stormont, but we must grin and bear it

NO wonder the picture in your newspaper of the Stormont Executive (News, December 24) shows them all smiling after they have managed to screw £2bn from the UK taxpayer through David Cameron and safeguarded their jobs until 2021.

Why so long? One stroke of the pen could reduce the Assembly numbers to about half before the next elections. Personally, I would prefer direct rule from Westminster.

Also: why is it taking two years to deal with the parades and flags issues? After the vote in Belfast City Hall, the Union flag was taken down immediately and a Christian organisation (the Orange Order) has been banned from walking down Drumcree Road (the Queen's highway) for more than 15 years and the north Belfast parade has been banned for two years.

Sinn Fein have it in their power to instantly resolve these issues, but they won't. The DUP (and Peter Robinson in particular) are obviously under the republicans' thumb.

By the way, Peter and Martin, when are pensioners who are over 80 years of age going to get a rise now that you have £2bn at your disposal? We got 25p a week, granted in 1971 by the-then Prime Minister Edward Heath. That's 43 years ago.

Today that 25p will buy us about one slice of bread.

So come on, let the pensioners get a small portion of the cake - if you can afford it.


Carryduff, Co Down

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