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Sneering attack on critics of Israel pitiful

LINDY McDowell's article (July 23) starts with an accusation of "clever manipulation" levelled against those who would criticise Israel's self-defeating actions, but if you want a lesson in manipulation then re-read her article.

She pretends to be speaking about anti-Semitism but cleverly turns this into a defence of Israel and a sneering attack on those who will not remain silent while a civilised country with which many of us used to identify, fires tank shells in an area as built-up as Belfast.

She ends with the same question the IDF use: what would other countries do? Does she imply that we would respond as Israel has done?

Lindy should know how this country would respond in the face of years of repeated terrorist attacks; she knows we would not fire tank shells on west Belfast or wipe out Londonderry. The world would not tolerate this, because the world expects better.



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