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Snow joke with Yellow Pages

White Christmas seems to have come early to Belfast, courtesy of those who deliver the Yellow Pages directory, with snow-like strings of white binding tape deposited on every street.

This is matched in the Lisburn Road area with apparent black ice which, on closer inspection, turns out to be newly-delivered black box lids, left by the council at the front of mostly empty terraced houses and unlet flats. The lids then become frisbees for returning drunks.

The black boxes themselves are thrown higgledy-piggledy into house frontages, where they will remain unfilled.

Does the city council not recognise that in areas where houses of multiple occupation predominate, it is hard enough to get occupants to use wheelie bins let alone sort out cans and bottles into a second mini-bin? That is what hedges are for!

The result is more litter, not ecological advancement.

Yellow Pages should be required, not just to pick up its binding, but collect at least 20% of old phone books for recycling when making a new delivery.


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