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SNP very keen to suck in Irish republicans

As the malcontents inspiring the Scottish National Party push for a hard exit from the UK, we here cannot risk their party political peace process.

That the SNP would destroy the Union in favour of a crumbling "United States of Europe" is the act of petulant children. However, it is alarming that they seem intent on sucking into their campaign Irish republicans.

Irish republicans will no doubt find commonality with Nicola Sturgeon's dangerous sabre-rattling call, fuelling both anti-British and anti-Brexit bile.

In the referendum contest, Ukip and the DUP were on the winning side. It is, therefore, crucial that both parties make compelling contributions, confirming the rejection of any unwanted skirmishes provoked by the SNP.

Public statements from both Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness on the SNP campaign strategy are overdue.


Ukip leader in Northern Ireland

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