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So, does Gerry Kelly know who fired the shots?

GIVEN the politics of it all, I suppose it was inevitable eventually the Paras would be prosecuted over Bloody Sunday, while Martin McGuinness would be permitted to hide behind his 'republican code of honour'. Directly below the article in the Belfast Telegraph on why Andy McNab feels the prosecution is wrong, is an article on why Gerry Kelly is proud of himself.

Part of the article reads: 'In a new book, Kelly tells how, as an IRA prisoner, he threatened the prison guard with a gun, "looking over the sights of the weapon straight at his face".'

He writes that he "very deliberately, very sharply" warned the officer: "Do not move or I will shoot you." Minutes later, two bullets were fired, one of them hitting the officer in the head.

Does Kelly acknowledge he fired at the guard? "There were two shots fired," he told The Independent. "There was myself and others there, so clearly it was a prisoner who shot him."

Those of a suspicious nature will see this as tantamount to a confession. Failing that, he is withholding the name of whoever did shoot, which is a criminal offence.

Given the current appetite for prosecuting people, perhaps the authorities should look in to this?



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