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So is this bash Bono day, then?

I REFER to Elaine Loughlin's piece on The Spider Man 'flop' and Bono's non-comments on Ireland's economic situation (News, November 30).

Has Elaine got a problem with Bono and with U2 for that matter? From a piece supposedly about a musical not being very good, she fires very personal potshots at the singer: "Meanwhile on this side of the Atlantic the outspoken Irish rock star who shouts and spouts about Third World debt has been criticised for remaining quiet about the woes of his native land."

Shouts and spouts? What? Gets a message across about critical issues regarding debt relief and Aids to world leaders? But, as Bono has said, people will always throw custard pies at him.

Elaine continues: "It seems the Irish public has now grown tired of the U2 frontman who owns a sprawling mansion in the exclusive Dublin suburb of Dalkey."

Have they? I remember 90,000 going to see them in Croke Park last year? Is this Bash Bono day?


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