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So what's the point of having exams?

Your correspondent BE says we should be moving forward to provide an education system which does not divide children into categories of failures and successes (Write Back, September 22).

Can somebody please explain, then, what is the point of ever having exams in school?

I am sure that all schools hold end-of-term exams every year. Should these also be done away with because the children are divided into success or failure? What about GCSEs and A-Levels?

Surely the children that don't achieve the results that they were expecting, or hoping, will feel like failures, so should we also scrap these exams?

What about schools' sports days? Should we scrap all these as well so that children can't finish last in the egg and spoon race and feel like failures?

Perhaps BE could explain how teachers will be able to teach children of a complete range of ability right across the spectrum, from pupils capable of straight As at GCSE to pupils who may be lucky to achieve even one C grade.

Because of academic selection the majority of children in the same class are of similar ability and the teacher can teach them all at roughly the same speed.

Under the new system I believe that it will be almost impossible for teachers to teach all children at the same time and they will have a choice: either they will concentrate on the pupils at the top of the class and leave the weaker pupils behind, or teachers will concentrate on the weaker pupils and the brighter ones will not achieve their full potential.




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