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So would Donaldson let some colleagues hang?

They say 'the pen and ink refuses nothing' and over the last few days reports of Jeffrey Donaldson signing an Early Day Motion (EDM) at Westminster calling for the death penalty for terrorists confirms just how true this is.

Now I appreciate that EDMs are a benign way for MPs to lull their constituents into the belief that they are truly passionate about an issue - but in reality, they are not taken seriously.

However, the real issue exposed by this irrelevant, principled, headline-grab is the complex self-delusion of certain DUP politicians.

On one hand, we have a 2011 Mr Donaldson campaigning for certain terrorists to be judicially executed, while the same Mr Donaldson, in 2007, ushered various convicted and non-convicted terrorists into the government of Northern Ireland, quite unashamedly.

Now, I believe that the power-sharing Executive is the right way forward for Northern Ireland.

Ultimately, I believe that compromises were needed and opinions had to shift.

But what I can't have is politicians ignoring the reality of their actions and pretending, particularly from the safety and political sterility of Westminster, that their inconsistencies will not be spotted.


Millisle, Co Down


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