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Society must be sick of these old Men on the Hill

ALEX Kane highlights (DebateNI, January 21) the rise of self-appointed spokesmen as a failure of democracy. Alex adds that the DUP and Sinn Fein seem keener to listen to the unelected and non-mandated than to listen to each other. He concludes: "We need new voices and new parties – with demonstrable mandates".

Nuala McKeever (Life, January 20) persuasively argues for new leaders who are bright, articulate, intelligent, warm, witty and interesting (and non-partisan).

Baroness (May) Blood claims that we have Orange Tories and Green Tories and asserts that we must "grow a new crop of politicians who don't have baggage".

There must be other minds who are heartily sick of the status quo in Northern Ireland.

Must we wait for the demise of the old Men on the Hill before real change begins?


Seaforde, Co Down

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