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Society's breakdown is all the fault of the politicians

I WATCHED a programme on BBC1 recently called London's Burning. To me, it was the greatest indictment of governmental incompetence I've ever experienced.

Two very serious issues were illustrated: first, the breakdown of basic law and order; secondly, the fundamental right of every law-abiding citizen to a peaceful life.

This did not happen overnight. There has been a gradual erosion in the quality of life of years gone by, when one left the key under a stone at their door, to the present day, when it is locked.

We had a situation in London where unemployment brought home the reality of frustrated people. If they had been at work, they would not have be on the streets.

Unemployment breeds not only a loss of dignity, but also a feeling of hopelessness. As for those in employment, all they can do is sit back and weep at the realisation that they are being taxed to the hilt to pay for the unemployment benefit of the very people hell-bent on destroying society.

For any economy to succeed, it has to produce something that can be sold at a profit.

And what has Britain got plenty of? You've guessed it: lawyers and judges, bandying their knowledge of English in microscopic detail, where talking becomes expensive to the taxpayer.

I say to every British politician, with very few exceptions, past and present: take a bow, for you have created hell for the law-abiding citizen - the very people who elected you into office.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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