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Solar power the solution to our energy needs

The COP21 Global Climate Conference has finally ended after two weeks fraught in controversy, pessimism, optimism and infinite solutions at unsustainable cost.

The world's climate experts have united to try solving the impossible - Planet Earth will continue to revolve, dissolve, evolve and replenish as it has been doing for millions of years.

For the "seconds of eternal time" that human forms as now exist on this planet have still left, they should be enjoying the benefits rather than tampering with its maintenance. Our consuming interest should be in getting rid of all toxins and CO2 gases to make the planet a more hygienic and better place to live on.

To me, the most valuable outcome of COP21 is the evidence of global unionism on strategies and proposals for funding. It is for those reasons I suggest that of all the energy sources solar is the most sustainable, inexhaustible and consistent in existence.

Mother Earth assures us the Sun will bombard us with 9,000 times more power than is needed to run every car, heat every home and energise every electrical gadget and factory on this planet.

All Europe's requirement could be provided by lining 0.2% of the Sahara desert with concentrated solar power technology. A European Union solar energy company could administer, develop and operate an inter-Euro grid, supplying power to all members at fixed price.


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