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Some lessons never learned

The continued public funding of schools with a particular religious ethos is the very antithesis of the meaning of education.

Instilling young children with a doctrine so they grow up knowing or perceiving difference — consciously or not — is the mark of sheer ignorance.

Many people like to praise education as the giver of knowledge and enlightenment. Conversely however, it deeply divides and segregates, which makes it a despicable yoke from start to finish.

Our children should be free to play in a common playground, not put into special boxes guarded by denomination and unhealthy tradition.

Education is, perhaps, the greatest abomination of all when it comes to integration of society. It rips the fabric of society to pieces because of denomination and pats itself on

the back as having done a good job.

The support it gets from society at large is one of pretence and careful avoidance, hiding away the forced partition of our humanity.

Education, instead of being the exaltation of our aspiration for a better way of life, has become perverted to suit those obsessed with tradition and the omnipotence of their own embedded beliefs.

Regular accounts of sickening discrimination come flying at us every year on education issues. Sowing the seeds of sectarianism in our children through education is one of our greatest mistakes and we pay for it in so many ways — without learning anything!

Maurice Fitzgerald, Shanbally, Co Cork

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