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Some times call for a pact with enemies

Well said, Brian Kingston ('Unionist seat deal is stuff of normal politics', Write Back, December 10).

It's about time some grassroots non-executive members left in the UUP came out from behind the woodwork to put pen to paper if you want to try and save more unionist seats from going down the rocky road to Dublin.

David Cameron, Sir Reg Empey (and his Conservative buddy Lord Trimble) need to learn a bit of history and come down off their high horses before they carry on with this mad UCUNF high-ideal arrogance ('We don't need to do deals with that nasty DUP lot').

Where would the UK be today had Sir Winston Churchill not signed a pact with Stalin's communist Russia during World War II?

In politics and in a time of need you sometimes need to do a pact with your enemy's enemies if you want to defeat the true enemy - Nazism in 1945 and Irish nationalism/republicanism in 2009.



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