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Sorry Brian, we all got searched during Troubles

BRIAN Kennedy in an article in the Belfast Telegraph on Monday openly states that it was only people entering Belfast city centre from republican areas who were searched at the segment security gates during the Troubles.

He claims that those coming from the Malone Road were not. Yet the city centre in the 1970s was totally enclosed behind a ring of steel and everyone entering was searched.

He is not the first so-called celebrity who has tried to use the 'Troubles' to get a sympathy vote. His statement about being beaten up in London because he was Irish is another example; I have friends who worked in London at that time and apart from the pubs in Kilburn and Cricklewood, the rest of London did not get involved.

He cites the 'No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs' policy as unique to London. If he was an ex-British serviceman living in the Republic of Ireland after both World Wars, or a Jew living in Limerick pre-WW2, he would have known what rabid discrimination was about.

Lisburn Reader

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