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Sorry, Mrs Foster, but your party does take voters for granted, so I'm done wasting my ballot on the DUP

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I read with interest Arlene Foster's recent comments that her party "does not take any vote for granted".

She may well visit a few towns between now and the Assembly election, but when it comes to her party's candidates in Upper Bann this is simply not the case.

I live in a small, four-street estate in Lurgan, known locally as the Hospital Estate. Last year our DUP MP David Simpson did not think it important to visit us personally - at least not the street I live in.

This year so far, at the time of writing, neither of the party's Assembly candidates - Carla Lockhart and Sidney Anderson - have bothered to show their faces.

I have lived in this estate for 20 years and have never seen a DUP candidate for any election on our streets.

The UUP are not much better. Jo-Anne Dobson did not bother coming to us last year, and again this year neither she nor her party colleagues Kyle Savage and Doug Beattie have come to ask for our vote personally.

They want us to vote for them, yet can't be bothered to come and ask us face-to-face. That is the very definition of "taking votes for granted".

It is also why my vote will go to Sophie Long of the PUP, then any number after that will go to non-sectarian, anti-austerity candidates.

Sorry, Arlene, but your party - and mainstream unionism in general - do take the votes of ordinary Protestants for granted.

I'll make no apologies if my vote going elsewhere means poor old Arlene has to settle for being Deputy First Minister. I am no longer wasting my vote to massage Arlene and the DUP's ego.


Lurgan, Co Armagh

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