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South has its share of backward views too

Satirists and online mickey-takers are (understandably) having a right giggle at some of the backward views of DUP politicians. But, perhaps, we shouldn't be so smug here in the South.

It wasn't that long ago that a Fine Gael Taoiseach, Liam Cosgrave, voted against his government's proposal to allow condoms for married couples.

Since the conservative counter-revolution of 1922, we've had scandal after scandal; from sexual and physical abuse of children and the vulnerable in 'care homes' to failures on divorce, contraception, gay rights, censorship of books, films and songs. Today we've news of a young girl being detained when she asked for an abortion because her life was in danger.

The backward, bigoted states that resulted from partition were foretold by James Connolly over 100 years ago, when he so presciently predicted that the division of Ireland would result in "a carnival of reaction, north and south".



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