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South honours its war dead

I see the annual agitation orchestrated by revisionists and unionist propagandists attempting to embarrass the Irish government into full participation in the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremonies of the Royal British Legion has now been endorsed by the SDLP.

An invitation has been extended by Belfast City Council following an SDLP motion for the Irish government to participate in the Somme and Remembrance Sunday commemorations in Belfast.

For many years now Irish society in the south has been accused of failing to honour the memory of those who were slaughtered in the Great War of 1914-1918. This is simply untrue. The Sunday nearest July 11 each year has been set aside to commemorate all Irish killed in all wars.

The President, Taoiseach, leaders of the opposition parties in the Dail and religious leaders from all the main churches are invited. This is truly a national commemoration to honour those Irish who died with formidable dignity and without the military pomp, jingoism and poppies so much associated with the British version.

Tom Cooper


Irish National Congress


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