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Spare a thought for foxes this Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us but, sadly, we won't be extending peace and goodwill to wildlife.

We humans intensify our maltreatment of foxes over Christmas. Well-heeled riders set off in pursuit, hounding these wild animals until they drop from exhaustion. If they escape underground, the spade-and-terrier gang is called in.

The 'sportspeople' celebrate in style afterwards, reliving the thrill of the chase with not a thought for the fox that has had the skin ripped from its bones for their amusement.

Even at the height of our sectarian conflict, the various paramilitary factions announced a Yuletide ceasefire.

Could those who derive pleasure from seeing wildlife being torn asunder, or terrorised, not also call a halt to their 'sport' at Christmas?

The creatures of the field deserve a holiday, too.


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