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Speak up now, Mr McGuinness

In the light of the Ombudsman’s report into the massacre at Claudy, will the Deputy First Minister break with the IRA code of silence and admit that the Provisional IRA killed nine innocent people in Claudy in 1972?

Furthermore, will he tell us whether there was any justification for this massacre and would he describe this act as a crime? This is where truth recovery really begins — admitting simple facts.

So while the world focuses on whether the police should have colluded with the Conservative government and the Catholic Church or not, it must be remembered none of these institutions planted the bombs. The bombs were planted by the IRA and as a former leading member Mr McGuinness needs to explain why.

The British Government has accepted that the deaths of 13 civilians on Bloody Sunday on an illegal march were unjustified, but the Saville Inquiry also told us that there was no intent on behalf of the Government or Stormont to shoot demonstrators on that day.

Sadly this is not the case in Claudy. It was an intentional act. So our Deputy First Minister needs to tell us, was it justifiable then, and is it still justifiable now?



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