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Spence 'wrong' over dissidents

In his article on September 22, Terry Spence states: "The tragedy of the terrorists is their inability to learn from the past." How wrong he is.

The dissidents are following in the footsteps of Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams and their band of murderers. However, so far, they are not as callously murderous and destructive as the IRA.

It was the IRA's terrorism, particularly Canary Wharf and the Baltic Exchange, which got Adams and McGuiness their influence with governments and statesmen.

The dissidents are learning all too well.

The people who are unable to learn from the past are successive British governments.

"Once you start paying the Danegeld you'll never get rid of the Dane" and "When you sup with the Devil you need a (very) long spoon" are two axioms which all governments ignore at their peril - and that of the law-abiding citizens.




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