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Spend 'hidden' billions on public services now

The Government often claims - albeit falsely - that there is no more money for essential services.

Despite this shameful lie, if the completely avoidable tensions with the West and North Korea (or any other self-inflicted crisis) escalated into a major war, we can be sure that untold billions of pounds of taxpayers' money would instantly appear to finance Britain's inevitable part in it.

If it became a nuclear conflict, of which Britain somehow 'survived', billions more would suddenly materialise to pay for, among other things, international aid needed for the millions of sick and dying, the accommodating of thousands of refugees arriving in the UK, a costly widespread decontamination operation over many years and the cynical replacement of the military hardware and bombs used in the genocide.

Why not spend these 'hidden' billions now, on vital public services, so that, when the time comes for this country's next mindless conflict, the Government's refreshingly truthful announcement of "no more money left for war" will be warmly received by all?


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