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Spoiler alert: Assembly candidates offer nothing to convince me they are worth my vote on May 5

OVER a period of three or four days after Alex Kane's piece in the Belfast Telegraph, exhorting voters to use their right to vote and protest at the same time by spoiling that vote (Comment, April 22), I received a plethora of election leaflets from most of the parties contesting the area in which I live. Having looked through them all, I feel I need to comment.

There was the DUP - Mr 'Just leave it with me' again and he'll make sure nothing happens. Then the UUP - a retired sea captain, "well, shiver me timbers", up the creek without a paddle; TUV - a one-man band, a busker (or is it 'bruscar', Irish for 'rubbish', so I'm led to believe); Alliance - nice guy, but trying to be all things to all people and ending up being nothing to anyone; the Greens - five portions a day is enough for anybody; the SDLP - neither social nor democratic nor a Labour party; and Ukip - their candidate looks like an immigrant to me. There was nothing from Sinn Fein. Does this mean it has no parity of esteem for me? Then, I got a flyer from a handyman. He, it appears, can do anything: plumb, paint, fix electrical appliances, home decorate. But, to my disappointment, he's not standing in the election.

Well, I suppose there's nothing for it but to do an Alex Kane and spoil my vote.

Happy May 5 to all your readers.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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