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Sport destroyed by mentality of win-at-all-costs

Sport has been described as the opium of the masses. However, sport as we know it is being slowly destroyed.

Rugby union has been reduced to a series of phases, destroyed by over-analysis and emphasis on brawn over brain.

Soccer has become destroyed by money. The game is now about keeping possession. Off-the-cuff moments of magic have been coached out of the game. Fear of failure has replaced imagination.

Golf has become so slow it's like watching paint dry. Cycling and athletics are clouded by the shadow of drugs and nobody believes the times achieved anymore.

Sport once had the element of surprise. Now it has become as dry as banking, with the bottom line the only ingredient. Professionalism in sport is an aberration. The origins of all sports had at its core a type of abandon, an uncertainty and, therefore, a fascination.

Alas, not anymore.


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