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Spring into life for The Boss

I had a fantastic time at the Odyssey in Belfast on Saturday night, but unfortunately the people sitting around me appeared to have been embalmed!

Why go to a rock concert and then bitch at people who want to get up, have a dance and generally celebrate the fact that they're in the presence of a living legend?

I cannot understand why anyone would pay £65 for a ticket and sit there for most of the gig looking like a bulldog chewing a wasp. Someone even had the audacity to thump me in the back when I stood up to dance and then pretend it was nothing to do with them.

I have followed Bruce all over the world and never had the misfortune to be sitting with such a bunch of miserable eejits.

They didn't come alive until he sang Born to Run which, unfortunately, was three or four songs from the end of the show.

I spent around £200 on flights/accommodation and there was no way I would let any snotty-nosed loser tell me I wasn't allowed to dance.

I suggest next time The Boss is in town, the people in South Block should stay home and play chess and let genuine, unrepressed, 'not afraid to let their hair down' fans enjoy the gig uninterrupted.

Paula Rogers, Manchester

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