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St Patrick's message was a Reformed one

Your correspondent Paul Kokoski (Write Back, March 7) rightly dismisses many of the shenanigans which commonly are associated with Patrick, but he sadly replaces them with a set of myths and fables when he makes the claims he does about Patrick and the Roman Catholic Church.

Providence has preserved for us two documents written by Patrick. Both of these documents, Patrick's Confession and Patrick's Letter, are accepted as genuine by both Protestant and Roman Catholic historians.

Roman Catholicism has long claimed Patrick as the Pope's representative sent to evangelise the heathen Irish. But Patrick's own story is strangely devoid of any reference to the Pope. Indeed, it is devoid of reference to the cardinal doctrines of Roman Catholicism.

For this reason, we would wish all Roman Catholics and Protestants to study the words of Patrick and see for themselves that his message, far from being the message of popes, cardinals or bishops, is in fact the simple message of Bible-believing Protestants.

The Protestant Reformation did not invent a new Gospel; it rediscovered the old Gospel - the Gospel of Patrick.


Kilskeery, Co Tyrone

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