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Stammering story an uplifting read

As someone who has struggled with stammering throughout my life, I was fascinated to read your article "Harvey Keitel: I'm so fatigued ... my stutter has returned" (January 31).

I have heard of other examples of people's stammering returning later in life due to stress. For example, the actress Marilyn Monroe was under so much stress from her personal life in the final weeks of her life that her stuttering returned to the point that she had trouble delivering her lines; she was fired from her final movie, the unfinished Something's Gotta Give.

Harvey Keitel and Marilyn Monroe are among the most prominent names on the list of Famous People Who Stutter on the website of The Stuttering Foundation (www.stammering, which also includes cricket star Boyd Rankin.

The site of this non-profit charity also has a Celebrity Corner section of in-depth profiles of famous stammerers, including Tyrone-born movie star Sam Neill. There are also biographical articles on people like Bruce Willis, Noel Gallagher, Rowan Atkinson, Lewis Carroll and BB King.

It is inspiring for young stammerers to read about famous people who share their problem.

The site also offers many free resources for stammerers of all ages.

I applaud Harvey Keitel for being so open about his stammering, because it will bring more attention to the issue.


Houston, Texas, USA

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