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Standards lacking in rugby

I must congratulate the Belfast Telegraph on their coverage and pull-outs on the forthcoming Rugby World cup.

Just one point. And a major point it is. I note that each team profile is accompanied by a flag (September 4, page 10).

For some reason the Belfast Telegraph has decided that Ireland should be represented by the standard of the Republic of Ireland.

Not only is this wrong (as the 'Ireland' team is made up of two separate states), it is grossly offensive and insensitive to Northern Irish rugby fans.

What makes this more unpalatable and hurtful is that it follows the Irish Rugby Football Union's decision on August 24 not to play the home anthem for part of what was supposed to be a combined 'Ireland' team, showing total disrespect and disdain for Northern Ireland rugby fans.

Some equality is needed. Put the Union flag or the Northern Ireland flag along with the tricolour, or solely use the IRFU flag. Are we in Northern Ireland not wanted as supporters?

P Mann Co Antrim

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