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Standing of Sinn Fein leader is at an all-time low

There is an old adage relating to those who earned their living in the maritime industry, and that is: "Small leaks can sink big ships."

I cannot help but feel this same adage could also equally apply at this present time to Mr Adams's political standing as president of Sinn Fein.

Problems for Mr Adams appear to be surfacing day by day, one after the other, and there is the expectation that he should provide some answers, or at least some clarity, on the issues raised.

Recently, the parents of Paul Quinn, beaten to death by the IRA in 2007, challenged Mr Adams to give gardai all the information he might have about the murder of their son.

And the alleged rape of Mairia Cahill by a suspected IRA man is another problem that gets larger by the day, with others claiming to have suffered similar abuse by IRA members coming forward.

These are just two of the many issues that the public believe Mr Adams's close intimacy with the IRA (albeit he is not a confessed member of that organisation) should make him able to provide some answers.

As for Mr Adams referring to anyone as being a "b*****d", never mind thousands of Northern Ireland citizens, in a public arena? In any other democracy, this would prompt an automatic resignation.

Perhaps some of Mr Adams's friends in high places may start to keep their distance?




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