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Staying in EU will be the end of democracy

I AM politically a Conservative and love Europe, but detest the EU. However, all people will suffer if we stay in the EU.

Just like the blob in the horror movie The Blob, the EU blob will continue to expand eastwards, through fair means or foul, absorbing any country next to it.

It is the European Union's lust for expansion and active subversion of the democratically elected Government of Ukraine which has led to the present horrific bloodshed there.

On February 25, 2015, Michael Fallon, the Defence Minister, announced 70 Army advisers will be sent to Ukraine, not as peacekeepers but as war facilitators for the Ukraine army.

David Cameron said on July 1, 2013: "Our vision of the EU is that it should be a large trading and co-operating organisation that effectively stretches, as it were, from the Atlantic to the Urals."

The EU is not a democracy, the elected European Parliament in Strasbourg votes on policies put forward by the unelected European Commission in Brussels led by President Juncker; this set-up has more in common with North Korea.

The British parliament is elected by the people; its policies are not supplied by an unelected commission. A vote to stay in the EU will be a vote to end democracy in Britain.

I ask your readers to vote to leave the EU, a nest of dense, morally bankrupt, financial spivs and warmongers, so that you and your children have a future. The choice in the end will be yours.


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