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Stephen Nolan's BBC wages, at annual price of 1p per person, have cost people so much less than the RHI scandal


One penny per year is how much Stephen Nolan is costing us. Please let Gregory Campbell know.

For that one penny per year we can listen to Nolan's often entertaining and informative programmes five mornings per week on Radio Ulster, three nights per week on 5 Live, for about 10 months of the year, as well as several BBC television programmes.

Quite simple maths: Stephen Nolan is earning no more than £450,000 per year. There are more than 45 million adults in the UK who pay, or are covered by the licence fee; £450,000 divided by 45 million equals £0.01 per year.

Who, with what agenda, is going to argue that Stephen Nolan, as a presenter, is not worth one penny?

The last 10 years' worth of Stephen Nolan presenting his BBC Radio Ulster, BBC 5 Live and BBC television programmes has cost each of us a grand total of 10p.

Ten pence for 10 years of Stephen Nolan presenting "the biggest show in the country", plus his excellent 5 Live radio shows, plus many entertaining television programmes - that's unarguably good value for money.

Or, perhaps, if Gregory Campbell got his way, Stephen Nolan could leave public service broadcasting, the BBC could get some amateur to do his job for nothing and we would each save an entire penny per year.

Compare that with the RHI incompetence, which Stephen Nolan so competently brought to our attention.



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