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Stern resistance makes united Ireland a lost cause

THE cause of a united Ireland is a lost one. When one considers the enormity of time that has passed and what is, by now, implacable unionist resolve, it is time for republicans to admit failure.

A united Ireland in the face of a majority of unionists? How do hardline republicans intend to bring that about? Divine intervention?

Maybe unionists will acknowledge that they were wrong all along about their identity and now accept that they're Irish? Loyalists might get all their tattoos removed swearing allegiance to the Crown?

The Orange Order may close up their lodges and the Twelfth will be forgotten about? Unionists will accept a Catholic-run state to the detriment of all other religions?

All those of British descent will get on a boat and leave? Perhaps the British Government will also give up any claim to the province? Paramilitary groups will simply go away and never come back.

It will take all this – and much, much more – to get anywhere near a united Ireland.

It is late in the day and republicans have not achieved the prime objective of getting the British out and creating a unitary state. It looks very much like they never will.

Republicans haven't a snowball's chance of getting the British to leave, or manage to change the hearts and minds of people who were born British and will stay that way.


Shanbally, Co Cork

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