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Still a lot of grey areas regarding costs of the EU

The debate on the referendum is gaining momentum and opinions are at a betwixt-and-between stage; whether to stay in or leave the EU. Like anything political, it is a conundrum which choice to make. This choice - to leave or stay in the EU - will probably be the most important decision the people who are eligible to vote will make in their lifetime.

There is a multitude of reasons - minuses and pluses - both for and against staying in. Those who have an occasional flutter on the gee-gees, like having their annual bet on the Grand National, will understand the complexity of backing a winner.

As I have had a 60-year interest in politics (and horses) and have gained a reasonable knowledge with both, I feel comfortable to say that, beyond all doubt, leaving the EU will be a winner for the British people.

Having said that, if I get sensible answers to the following questions, I may be persuaded to change my mind.

1: Who makes Britain's decisions regarding handing out foreign aid: Britain or the EU?

2: How much foreign aid has Britain paid out since it joined the EU?

3: What was the reason for such aid? What country benefited from it? And how much was each country given?

4: What are the annual salaries paid to MEPs?

5: What is the annual total cost of their financial benefits (ie salaries, perks, pensions, expenses etc)?

6: When was the last audit produced by the European Union?


Kircubbin, Co Down

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