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Still long way to go in fight against polio

This year's British Polio Month (July-August) was a great success and the UK campaign led by The British Polio Fellowship mirrored progress on the worldwide eradication of polio, yet much work remains to be done before we can consign this terrible disease and its effects to the history books.

Our friends purging polio globally have made progress in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria, with significant reductions in new cases. An outbreak in the Horn of Africa is a new cause for concern, as on-going conflicts in these countries can hamper the fight against polio in over 145 territories throughout the world.

While the struggle against polio in these countries may seem thousands of miles away, over 120,000 people are living with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) in the UK today who need support. This debilitating neurological condition is a largely unknown or misunderstood legacy of Polio in our own country.

The British Polio Fellowship is here to help. From people who survived polio only to face PPS in later life, to those in the Asian community living with polio – or medical professionals seeking more information on PPS – we are only a call or a click away.

The British Polio Fellowship can be contacted on 0800 018 0586 or visit

Ted Hill MBE

CEO, The British Polio Fellowship

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