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Stone-throwers just breeding more hatred

I am absolutely disgusted at the despicable behaviour of grown men and women and their children in north Belfast and beyond throwing all sorts of missiles at the security forces.

One of these days, if you keep this up, you might be glad of their help in one way or another.

To stop British men from walking 300 yards on the Queen's Highway is a bit much to stomach, because all you have to do to show some dignity is line that 300 yards on both sides of the road with the same people who are stone-throwing, turn their backs and let them pass in peace.

In case you don't realise it, you are walking on British soil every day, picking up the Queen's shilling.

But be careful: you are only there by favour of the British people.

There are decent people up there, Catholic and Protestant alike, who are absolutely sickened by what you are doing; destroying your community and breeding more hatred.

Please take a look at the Belfast Telegraph of July 18. In it, you will see a small child who has absolutely nothing, sitting on a pavement; her little heart breaking because no one cares enough to help her family.

The money that is being spent on fixing and paying for all the damage you have caused could give these hungry children a bit of a life.


Holywood, Co Down

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