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Stop the hyperbole over McGuinness' Aras bid

Surely it is time to decommission the weapons of mass-distraction regarding Martin McGuinness' push for Phoenix Park?

We can soon expect to see the charismatic Derryman marching about the countryside with a Carmelite in one arm and a ballot box in the other as he completes his transformation into a God-fearing decent man on a mission to resurrect old Ireland from material damnation.

People will quickly see through the glassy-eyed recalling of what our forefathers won and lost in the name of freedom and the shallow talk of sacrifice and struggle in the pursuit of higher things.

That struggle involved car-bombings and carnage.

The innocent civilians who died were not consulted about the 'sacrifice' they were being called upon to make.

Mr McGuinness is a creature of the past and the past is another country.

Most of us don't want to live in another country, so let's leave him there.

He belongs to history and has earned his place in it. Let him have it.

McGuinness's conversion to peace is admirable, but it does not confer the right to be automatically anointed president of Ireland. Nor will he be.

So enough of the histrionics and hyperbole; Martin McGuinness is as likely to become president of Ireland as Sammy Wilson is to become taoiseach.


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