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Stormont MLAs are leeching off the rest of us

First off, the Health Minister, Edwin Poots, tells us to eat more homemade broth and stew as they are "cheap and wholesome".

Then we are told about the hundreds of pounds per day of taxpayers' money used to subsidise the MLAs' canteen.

Next we find out how concerned Peter Robinson is about BBC wages. Then Trevor Lunn MLA writes in (Write Back, December 21) defending MLAs' pensions.

But it gets worse. OFMDFM has more staff than the Prime Minister (bearing in mind Northern Ireland is the size of Yorkshire). It has almost as many staff as the president of the United States.

They have eight special advisors, each paid up to £90,000 per year. In six of the last 12 months, its hospitality bill was £12,000 per month. (Remember: this is only OFMDFM.)

When challenged, it said it couldn't give a breakdown of how the money was spent as this is not held on its accounting system.

In any other organisation, heads would roll, but not at the Stormont Circus. There is no recession, or shortage of money, up there. Perhaps the sandwiches are gold-plated - like their pensions.

Sack the whole lot of them - they are nothing but leeches on the taxpayers' back.


Comber, Co Down


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