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Stormont must take note of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband's Union-saving gifts

I hope our Assembly has taken account of the measures proposed by the Three Amigos – David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband – in their attempts to secure the Union with Scotland.

As our own government descends rapidly into the realm of in-year cuts – unprecedented for Northern Ireland and unacceptable in England – followed by proposed savage cuts to all budgets in 2015-16, I hope our masters have prepared some contingency position to deal with the aftermath of the break-up of the UK and the relative position of NI and its Assembly within any revised structure, both in fiscal and fairer representation terms.

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I would also hope our government has formed some practical view of how it might respond immediately to these extravagant promises made by Westminster to a part of the UK considerably less in need and certainly less traumatised than our own.

It would be unfortunate for us all if the part of the UK least-loved by the rest of it and the part least likely to be the recipient of expensive gifts from London were to end up marginalised yet again, no matter what the outcome of a referendum in which our welfare has played no role whatsoever.


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