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Stormont politicians must get their act together now

We can see in the media here that Northern Ireland is full of people complaining sorely about our politicians, with their bickering and puerile behaviour.

Our politicians are, to a degree, a reflection of ourselves and we seem to forget that we vote them in and will likely do so again.

The truth is that both sides here would rather watch our economy decline than see the other side gain even something minor.

We know that being attached to the giant GB economy allows us to behave the way we do. We don't have to fear that we will drop to a Third World standard of living ( I read recently it would be the same as Bulgaria or Mexico) as long as we enjoy GB taxpayers' support.

Our politics of antagonism and the begging bowl are embarrassing. This is especially so if you are over in England and trying to explain to people what we are doing.

Perhaps we need to be told to get our act together or you are on your own - Britain will pull out and the Republic refuse to take us.

No doubt this is very unlikely, but it would surely give us pause for thought.

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S Martin

Co Antrim