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Stormont shambles is a subject fit for opera

JPR Taylor (Write Back, April 27) is correct that the ultimate blame for the Stormont shambles lies with the electorate who voted Sinn Fein and the DUP into office.

The crisis could quite easily form the basis for a libretto to a dramatic stage work, such as only found in the operas of Richard Wagner. Indeed, the Stormont crisis has a worthy parallel in Richard Wagner's operas, such as Lohengrin and his most estoteric work, the Buhenfestspiele (sacred festival drama) Parsifal; the theme of Parsifal being knowledge through compassion.

In Parsifal the community of Grail knights in Montsalvat, the Castle of the Grail, is thrown into chaos, confusion and decline by two singular events: the loss of the holy relic the spear that pieced Jesus's side and which subsequently led to the wounding of Amfortas, King of the Grail.

The prophesy explained by the elderly knight Gurnemanz is that only a hero in the form of an innocent fool enlightened by compassion can save King Amfortas and recover the relic, thus redeeming the community of Grail knights.

Northern Ireland urgently needs a penitent and humble leader, untainted with tribal politics, who is enlightened through compassion and who will restore that which is lost - good government and justice for all.


Strangford, Co Down

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