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Stormont tricolour bid is run up the flagpole

Politicians are now involving themselves in trivia, paralleling the extreme views of both political camps in this tiny part of the world.

To have the Northern Ireland flag plus the Union Flag would be understandable, but surely the flag of a neighbouring sovereign state would not be appropriate, unless a representative of that sovereign state was on an official visit to Stormont. The views of the Dublin parliament should be sought since the tricolour is the designated flag for that sovereign part of the island of Ireland.


Flags, flags, flags, parades, flags and emblems. Will this nonsense reduce hospital waiting-times?


Carbon_footie: Or the general public could get up off their backsides and try to reduce overall morbidity rates.


I don't think flying the flag will make Stormont any more inclusive. If anything, I believe Stormont should be secular, in a political sense, favouring/representing no political background over another. Asking for the tricolour to fly will not aid community relations, nor will telling nationalists they're deluded for favouring greater representation of their background. Time for a newly commissioned Northern Ireland flag.


If they can't come to an agreement over which flag to use, why not fly the flag of Northern Ireland? That should be as far as it should go - a tricolour should not fly over Stormont (or City Hall, for that matter). Stormont is the centre of political power and it represents the people of Northern Ireland, therefore the flag flying above Stormont should represent the people.

North Down Man

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